Tower & Coil Solutions specializes in the mechanical cleaning and disinfection of cooling towers and coils.

At Tower & Coil Solutions we use high pressure power washers, biocides, and biodispersants to remove the micro-bio and debris from the entire tower, including the hot decks, the fill, and the basins of cooling towers and coils.

Safety is a number one priority at T&C Solutions. All employees are OSHA certified and are respirator fit-tested annually. T&C Solutions is a professional service group that has been trained specifically on the mechanical cleaning of cooling towers and coils.

Our mission at Tower & Coil Solutions is to make your cooling system more efficient by reducing your electrical and water usage and your maintenance costs. We strive to provide your employees with a healthier working environment by eliminating as much debris and micro-bio as possible from your cooling system.  We also stand as a separate, third-party resource to document your compliance with OSHA and Indoor Air Quality recommendations.

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